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Plastic fasteners for tagging guns 7 mm

Fasteners or barbs for tagging guns. 7 mm fine fasteners



Plastic fasteners in 7 mm are only available for fine tagging guns. 


Fasteners – our range:


Fasteners – Fine 7 mm

  • Length: 7 mm
  • 50 pcs/unit
  • Colour: transparent (white)
  • Form: Fine
  • Packaging: 5000 pcs

Standard fasteners / barbs are suitable for the following tagging guns:

  • Banok 303X, 303XL
  • Banok 503X, 503XL
  • Saga 60X
  • Saga 68X
  • Allstar F
  • MarkStar MK1 fein, MK3 fein
  • Textstar MK2 fein, MK3 fein
  • and many more
Price: For your inquiry concerning prices to our tagging uns, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.


Plastic fastener 7 mm - fine

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