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Tagging gun Banok 503SL

The tagging gun Banok 503S ist a professional tool. For standard pins with long needle.



Our tagging gun Banok 503SL is a the successor of the most sold tagging gun Banok 303SL. This tagging gun is suitable for professional labelling for every day usage. With long needle.

Available fasteners for Banok 503SL
  • Standard fasteners "C"
  • Standard fasteners "T"
  • Hook-Fasteners "H"
  • Microspace pins


Application – Tag gun Banok 503SL

  • Trousers, jeans, skirts, shorts, dresse
  • shirts, T-shirts, pullover, polos, tops, blouse
  • Blazer, jackets, vests, coats
  • Underwear, pair of socks
  • Gloves, caps, hats, scarf, bathing suits, bikini
  • Shoes, towel, bedding, pillow, carpets, curtain, table cloth, napkins
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Tagging gun Banok 503SL

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