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EAS security tags and labels

EAS security tags and labels

Each article surveillance system needs beside the antennas security tags or labels for merchandise protection. Other necessary accesories are detachers to re-open the hard tags, label deactivator, pins and special tags.

Our range comprises a wide range of most different EAS accessories to protect many articles like textiles, sport articles, bottles, CDs, DVDs, sunglasses and many other articles.
EAS hard tags

Hard tags are most common security accesories for merchandise protection. These tags are primarily used for protecting textiles, the closing mechanism is included in the tag and not visible from outside.

The detection quality and therefore the range differs according to the size of the label, one can say, the larger the tag, the better the detection quality. However, there are also smaller tags with excellent detection quality.

Each hard tag is closed with a pin. Beside the standard pin there are various other closing accesories available like lanyards or special pins for shoes.

Some tags do not show the pin as the pin is included in the second part of the hard tag. These tags are known as golf tags due to the surface of the tags, which looks like a golf ball.  Unauthorized removal of these tags is even more complicated.

Beside the standard tags for textiles, there are many different models available so that you can also protect glasses, sunglasses, DVDs, CDs, computer games, consumer electronics, bottles, and many more.

Our hard tags are available for RF systems with 8.2 MHz frequency, some tags also with 1.95 MHz.
EAS soft tags

Softtags have the same functionality like hard tags, however, the body of the tag is not sturdy plastic but soft plastic. The soft tag has a false barcode preprinted on it to reduce the recognition as article protection accessory. This reduces the risk of an unauthorized removal of the tag by force and increases the detection rate.

Soft tags need beside the pin an additional clutch to fix the tag on the merchandise. This article protection is used only fortextiles, shoes or sportswear and are available for RF 8.2 MHz systems.
EAS security labels

Our EAS security labels are available with a fake barcode in three different sizes. The quality of the detection depends on the size of the label, however, the detection is significantly weaker than with hard tags.

As these labels are sticked only on the article, the risk of unauthorized removal is high. Therefore, these labels should only be used as additional security protection.

EAS labels can be deactivated with a deactivating device. The EAS labels do not have to be removed after deactivation.

EAS security labels are available for RF 8.2 MHz systems and AM 58 kHz systems.

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