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Price gun Blitz T177

Price gun Blitz T177 – Labelling machine Blitz T177 for labels 29×28 mm

The price gun Blitz T177 is very popular for clothes and fashion shops but also in any grocery. The first line comes with 11 digits for product information and coding. The second and third line are supplied with 7 digits each for pricing. Therefore, you can easily print two different prices on one label to highlight the special reduced price. All printers in this range are extremely versatile offering a lot of design options.

Price gun Blitz T177 – Details:
Label size: 29×28 mm
Label shape: rectangular
Number of digits: 11 + 7 + 7 digits
Character size: 3.0 / 5.0 / 5.0


Price guns and labelers – Advantages 
Price guns of the brand BLITZ are a printer of the highest quality with the following advantages:
         Extremely robust plastic body – sturdy construction
         Easy to use band selector
         Label roll in protective cover
         Easy to load – Drop-in loading – labels can be changed within seconds
         high Repetiergeschwindigkeit, quick label result
         complete assortment for the most different label dimensions
         Big model availability
         High flexibility due to the large range
         Pricing and date marking with one single printer possible
         Special rubber bands for special markings (g, kg, pcs., m, X, L, M, S)
         Spare parts available
         Most printers off-the-shelf available


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Price gun Blitz T177 Labels - Price gun Blitz T177

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