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Aluminium seal 12x15 mm

Aluminium seal rectangular

Aluminium seals 12×15 mm

Aluminium meter seals with 12×15 mm suitable  for sealing pliers


Aluminium lead seals are used primarily for demanding sealing applications. The most important application is the customs sealing. In Austria for example, the aluminium lead seal 9×11 mm is the official customs seal. Please note, that not all sealing pliers are able to seal aluminum lead seals as a higher transmission is necessary. The sealing plier Z37 as well as the plier 24/2 are able to squeeze aluminium lead seals.


In contrast to plastic seals and lead seals we recommend raised engraving instead of the standard engraving to personalize aluminium seals.


Aluminium seals 12×15 mm – Product features

  • Size: 12×15 mm
  • Packaging unit: 500 pieces
  • Weight: 700 g


Order aluminium seals 12×15 mm online

Order aluminium seals 12×15 mm online



Aluminium lead seals can be used for almost any application within the industry where sealing is necessary. Typical applications are:
  • Protection and sealing of counter boxes and money boxes
  • Protection and sealing of water meters, gas meters and electricity meters
  • Protection and sealing of Trucks and transports
  • Protection and sealing of fire extinguishers
  • Sealing for customs reasons
  • Sealing for calibration reasons
  • Protection and sealing in the administration
  • Protection and sealing of containers, boxes, suitcase, …



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Aluminium seal rectangular


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