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Staple Juwel - Staple 21/4

Staple Juwel – Staple 21/4



The office staple “Juwel” is one of the most popular office staples in Austria and Germany. The staples have only a very small crown depth and a leg length of 4 mm. Therefore, these staples are primarily used for small stacks of paper for a space-saving fastining for folders.
Details staple Juwel – staple 21/4:
Crown widht: 7.0 mm
Inside width: 6.0 mm
Wire strength: 0.4 mm
Wire width: 0.7 mm
Leg length: 4 mm
1 box = 2000 staples
1 Wholesale packaging = 50 boxes (100,000 staples)
Material available:
         Iron galvanised
         German silver
         V2A high-grade steel
         Other finishings: on inquiry
Article numbers staple Juwel – staple 21/4:
         E 70009 staple Juwel galvanised
         E 70076 staple Juwel German silver
         Other finishings: on inquiry
Which stapler fits to the staple Juwel – staple 21/4?

Stapler Juwel
Stapler Juwel 2000
Stapler Rapid S51
Stapler Regur 64
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Office staples "Juwel" Office staples "Juwel"

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