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Stapler FASCO F1B LM

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Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B LM


Our pneumatic staplers FASCO F1B LM are comfortable, light weight and manoeuvreable. These small staplers with long lasting components are suitable for fasteners with leg lengths from 4 to 25 mm. With long magazine.

Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B LM – Advantages
  • long and narrow nose design
  • double long magazine
  • excellent job visibility
  • rubber comfort grip
  • non-slip handling and reduction of vibrations and fatigue
  • one hand latch – fast reloading and reduced downtime
  • reversible bumper: high durability
  • rear exhaust with muffler


Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B LM – Applications
  • displays, card displays, case backs
  • insulation, tagging
  • upholstering, toys and dolls, remodelling
  • dust covers, sofas, carpets and underlay, frame assembly
  • garden furniture, furniture, kitchen units
  • strapping to wood, base boards, manufactured houses


Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B – Available versions
  • Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B 80: for staples 80
  • Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B 7C: for staples 7C
  • Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B 50: for staples 50
  • Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B 11: for staples 11/140
Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B LM – Staples in details
Staple – Type A B C L
7C (Prebena V, Senco 3G, BeA 71) 9,00 0,60 0,75 6-16 mm
50 (Prebena D, BeA 95, Haubold 900) 12,50 0,50 1,25 6-16 mm
80 (Prebena A, Senco AT, BeA 380) 12,80 0,60 0,90 6-16 mm
11 (Rapid 11, Rapid 140) 10,80 0,50 1,25 6-16 mm


Pneumatic stapler FASCO F1B LM – Technical details:


Height: 157 mm Weight: 990 g
Width: 42 mm Air pressure: 4-7 bar
Length: 376 mm Air consumption: 0,37 l

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