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Electric embossing machine Embosset

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Electric embossing machine Embosset

Our embossing machine Embosset is an electric embossing machine designed specially for the use in offices. It can easily emboss paper, carton, cardboard, ID cards, photos, etc.
The Embosset is equipped with an embossing stamp up to 40 mm in diameter. The positioning of documents can be adjusted by a rear gauge, the maximum insertion depth is 70 mm. The embossing is effected by a push button on the side of the machine, an additional foot switch can be supplied as well.
A very useful option of this machine is the exchangeable embossing stamp set. The embossing head can be exchanged easily and quickly, the embossing pressure can also be adjusted precisely. The upper stamp is made of brass, the lower stamp is a special plastic stamp fitted exactly to the upper stamp.
A lot of additional options are available for these machines, very popular are a stroke counter or a safety lock.
In case of an order, please let us know, on which side of the page the embossing should be effected.
Technical data:
Maximum diameter: 80 mm
Capacity: Paper and thin carton up to 300 g/m²
Insertion depth: 70 mm
Weight: 15.5 kg
Additional options:
         Safety lock
         Automatic release
         Stroke counter
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