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Embossing machine Perfoset II/P

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Embossing machine Perfoset II/P

The Perfoset II/P is our more powerful manual machine for securing official documents, embossing of photos or identity cards or simply for decorating business cards or letters by a logo or a coat of arms.
Our embossing machine Perfoset II/P can be equipped with a embossing stamp of 75 mm diameter. With a improved power transmission, brilliant impressions can be achieved on paper or thin cardboard up to a maximum thickness of 300 g/m².
Each machine is equipped with an adjustable side and rear gauge for exact positioning of the embossing. The insertion depth can reach a maximum of 110 mm from the paper edge.
In case of an order, please let us know, on which side of the page the embossing should be effected.
Technical data:
Maximum diameter: 75 mm
Capacity: Paper and thin carton up to 300 g/m²
Insertion depth: 110 mm
Weight: 11,2 kg
Additional options:
         Safety lock
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