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Embossing machine Perfoset I/P

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Embossing machine Perfoset I/P

The Perfoset I/P is a small manual embossing machine for securing official documents, embossing of photos or identity cards or simply for decorating business cards or letters by a logo or a coat of arms.
Our embossing machine Perfoset I/P can be equipped with a embossing stamp of 40 mm diameter. Brilliant impressions can be achieved on paper or thin cardboard up to a maximum thickness of 120 g/m².
The insertion depth is limited to 75 mm from the paper edge to the middle of the impression. Each machine is equipped with an adjustable side and rear gauge for exact positioning of the embossing.
In case of an order, please let us know, on which side of the page the embossing should be effected.
Technical data:
Maximum diameter: 40 mm
Capacity: Paper and thin carton up to 120 g/m²
Insertion depth: 75 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Additional options:
         Safety lock
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