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Stencil - Cutting - Machine MARSH

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Stencil – Cutting – Machine MARSH

Our stencil cutting machine “MARSH” is a manual cutting machine to cut stencils fast and easy out of an oilboard.
All characters are on a large, bold-character dial for error free operation. The dial is easy to use, just simply position the dial on the right character and press the hand lever. After every cut, the oilboard is transported to the next station automatically. The procedure repeats until your individual stencil is completed. With this machine, you can easily produce stencils up to 4 line text, in special manufacturing, also 5 lines are possible.
Every machines comes with a complete figure and letter set as well as the most important punctuation.
Stencil cutting machine MARSH – Available character size
Our stencil cutting machine "MARSH" is available in 4 different character sizes:
         MARSH 1”: 25.4 mm character size – 4(5) lines
for oilboard 610×180 mm
         MARSH ¾”: 19 mm character size – 4 lines
for oilboard 610×155 mm
         MARSH ½”: 12 mm character size – 6 lines
for oilboard 610×155 mm
         MARSH ¼”: 6 mm character size – 8 lines
for oilboard 310×155 mm
Stencil cutting machines – Advantages
         stronger, corrosion resistant cutting edges and alloy punch for longer life
         cut stencils faster and easier with the oilboard release lever and lock in button
         self-lubricated rings – reduce noise and provide years of service
         Easy-to-read characters on the large, bold-character dial for error free operation
         Accurate, automatic spring with the specially designed cam and ratchet
         Special fonts available
         Special characters can be made to your requirements
Stencil cutting machines – Additional accessories
Any accessories for your stencil marking requirements are available in our assortment as well. The most common applicators are:
         MARSH Fountain roller
         MARSH Fountain brush
         MARSH stencil spray
         Special stamping ink for any material and application
         Oilboard in various sizes and qualities
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Stencil cutting machine MARSH Oilboard

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