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Stencil Cutting Machine MARSH XL

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Stencil cutting machine MARSH X-Large

Stencil cutting machine MARSH XL

Manual stencil cutting machine for various character sizes from 20 to 150 mm.

Our stencil cutting machine “TIFLEX” is an extremely robust, easy-to-use and versatile stencil cutting machine.

In contrast to our stencil cutting machine “MARSH”, this machine works with single characters which are available in various character sizes. The oilboard stencil may reach up to a maximum size of 1200 x 295 mm.


Stencil cutting machine MARSH XL – How to use

Our stencil cutting machine “TIFLEX” is very easy to use and has several advantages in contrast to our stencil cutting machine “MARSH”.
Stencil cutting machine MARSH X-Large First, the single characters are placed on the large table to your requirements. The characters can be adjusted to your needs, using the magnetic lining ruler you can chose the position of the characters easily and precisely. With this machine, it is easy to use more than one character size in one single oilboard stencil. After adjusting the stencils on the table, simply put the oilboard on the top of the stencils. In the next step, please put the cutting board above the oilboard. Just a few seconds away from your stencil, you only have to turn the handle to cut your complete stencil.
This machine is most suitable for the production of multiple identical stencils. You only have to put a new oilboard on the characters and repeat the process. So you can produce your custimzed stencil within seconds.


Stencil cutting machine MARSH XL – Basic equipment

The standard machine comes together with the following equipment:
  • Machine with table & cylinder
  • Super size cutting board
  • Magnetic lining rules
  • Small magnetic lining wedge
  • Large magnetic lining wedge
Additional magnetic lining rules, characters, wedges are available as spare parts.


Stencil cutting machine MARSH XL – Cutting characters and character sets

Additional to the basic machine, character sets in various sizes are available for your choice. A typical character sets includes all letters, figures and some punctuation according to the table bellow. One set contains 111 different characters. The size of the characters may reach from 10 mm to 100 mm. Special characters, symbols and other sizes are available on demand.


Stencil cutting machines – Advantages

The stencil cutting machine “TIFLEX” has various advantages:
  • Identical stencils can be produced within seconds
  • Different character sizes in one stencil
  • Fast! Cuts a complete stencil in one turn
  • No restrictions regarding position of the characters
  • No restriction regarding character sizes
  • Large range of accessories and spare parts


Stencil cutting machines – Additional accessories

Any accessories for your stencil marking requirements are available in our assortment as well. The most common applicators are:
  • MARSH Fountain roller
  • MARSH Fountain brush
  • MARSH stencil spray
  • Special stamping ink for any material and application
  • Oilboard in various sizes and qualities



Catalog marking stamp and stencils


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Stencil cutting machine MARSH X-Large Stencil cutting machine MARSH X-Large Stencil cutting machine MARSH X-Large Oilboard stencils
Oilboard - single pieces
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