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Customized stencils - oilboard

Oilboard stencils

Oilboard stencils are the cheapest way to mark your products with the stencil technology. Our oilboards are exceptional high quality oil-treated paper board to get clean and sharp marks. Oilboard stencils are ideal for flat or curved surfaces.
Three different qualities of oilboards are available:
Natural oilboard:
Will not tear or pull when cut. This oilboard is available in various standard sizes reaching from 10×15 cm to 60×90 cm and is also available as a 120 cm x 9 m roll. The material thickness ranges from 1.8 mm to 3.8 mm, depending on the application. This oilboard is packed in packages of 22.5 kg or 45 kg cases.
Canary oilboard:
This premium oilboard is ideal for extremely clean cut letters, available in 3.8 mm material thicknes. This oilboard is also available in various sizes and rolls.
This material is most inexpensive as it is a durable pulp with a plastic coating on both sides to resist ink absorption.
Customized oilboard stencils
Oilboard stencils are always customized die cut stencils. Any stencil will be produced individually to your requirements and needs. Our artists can customize your stencil to recreate your company logo, address, text and even artwork and logos. Almost any size and combination of character sizes is also possible. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries.
A very important application is the IPPC marking with oilboard stencils. Please find more about the IPPC marking on the special subsite.
Oilboard stencils – Applicators and accessories
Any accessories for your stencil marking requirements are available in our assortment as well. The most common applicators are:
         MARSH Fountain roller
         MARSH Fountain brush
         MARSH stencil spray
         Special stamping ink for any material and application
         Interlocking stencils with different character sizes
Oilboard stencils – Create your own stencils!
With our stencil cutting machines, it is very simple to create your own oilboard stencils. Especially for high-volume marking with many different die cut stencils, it will be more favourable to produce your stencils yourself.
Two high-quality stencil cutting machines are in our range, please find more about these products on the subsite “Stencil cutting machines”.
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Oilboard stencils Oilboard stencils

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