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Manual tacker Rocama 16

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Manual tacker Rocama 16

Our manual stapling gun Rocama 16 is a professional tacker for various applications like decoration work, upholstery, covering of upholstery furnity, and to fix all kinds of paper and fabric, corruaged fiberboard, wooden profils, shop furnishing, and many, many more.
This tacker can use either staples Nr. 53 or – as our single manual tacker – staples Nr. 80, which are also very popular. Both staples may have a leg length of up to 16 mm to meet almost any requirements. Beside the staples, you can also use brads M15 and W15.
Staples: 80/8 + 80/10 + 80/12 + 80/14 + 80/16
Staples: 53/6 + 53/8 + 53/10 + 53/12 + 53/14 + 53/16
Brads: M15 + W15
Weight: 670 g
The stapling gun Rocama 16 can be supplied for various staples to meet your stapling requirements. More information to the single staples are available on the following sub-sites:
         Staple Nr. 53
         Staple Nr. 80
         Brad M15
         Brad W15
         Decorative works
         Room panels
         Ceiling panels
         Parquet floor
         Corrugated fiberboard and cardboard
         Interior fittings of houses
         Preparation of stands
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Stapling gun Rocama 16 Stapling gun Rocama 16 - Adjustable stroke Stapling gun Rocama 16

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