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Fount sets Low Stress

PRYOR interchangeable steel types lowstress

Interchangeable steel types in low stress – ministress quality 


Steel types of the brand PRYOR – LOW STRESS are high quality marking tools for special applications in the industry. Each steel type is made exactly out of high-quality chrome steel with standardized blank dimensions. To each size, a suitable hand holder is available from stock. All standard stamps are nickel-plated and protected therefore against rust. In contrast to the standard steel types PRIORITY, low stress steel types are engraved with a round faced character to reduce the stress levels introduced into the component being marked. These marking tools are produced especially for the oil and gas industry as well as in the aircraft industry and for power plants and similar applications.


Low stress Instead of the sharp faced characters, these punches are manufactured with a radius engraving to reduce the stress levels. Please see the difference on the following illustration.


As a distributor of the company PRYOR we can always deliver all letters, figures, as well as the most important punctuation marks in all available sizes in 3.0 and 5.0 mm from stock. Custom made engraving types with individual logos, letterings or symbols can be supplied after drawing or sample.


PRYOR steel types – Low stress – Availability

Our marking stamps LOW STRESS are available in different variations:
  • Steel types – single types in two different sizes
  • Steel type set 0-9 in two different sizes
  • Steel type set A-Z in two different sizes
  • Steel type set  – fount set (A-Z and 0-9, 100 pcs. assorted in two different sizes)


Blanks and character sizes

The dimensions differ according to size and are as follows:
Size (mm)

Engraving: Radius engraving


PRYOR low stress fount set – content

Fount set - content Every fount set comprises 100 assorted steel types (A-Z, 0-9, punctuation marks) as well as 6 or 12 spacers. All sets are delivered in a strong plastic box with compartments for each types.

We deliver our fount sets with or without the corresponding type holder. In addition, fount sets with type holder also comprise a tweezer and a spanner for allen head screws. On demand, we offer you an individual selection of 100 assorted types without any surcharge.



For prices to our articles please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.



Steel type PRYOR Steel type PRYOR Steel type PRYOR Steel type PRYOR Lowstress
Steel type with holder Insert the types in the holder Type and holder in use Marking result
Fount set PRYOR Fount set PRYOR - content Low stress


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